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G'day lovers!


Abe's the name, musics' the game (or one of them)!

I guess I should tell you a little bit about me!

I'm a local lad hailing from the Geelong / Surf Coast region with a passion for music (writing, and performing both my own, and that of others), and the joy it imparts on people.


In my time away from music, I support disabled participants in capacity building and improving the quality of their lives. It's an awesome life balance, yin and yang, and I feel incredibly grateful and purposeful to get up every day and make others happy in both of these walks of life.

Things I hold the most dear are travel and exploring weird and wonderful locations, my family, my Border Collie Vincenzo, history, geography, hiking & trekking, and sport.

I've been fortunate enough to perform both original and covered content in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, the UK, Russia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a wealth of other uniquely incredible places. 

In terms of my performance, I tailor my set lists to compliment the atmosphere and audience with every individual performance; catering for all ages / genres & styles, reading the room, and ensuring no two performances are the same. 

I'd like to consider myself a professional in this game, but on the same token I'm laidback and super easygoing. Something you learn from experience is that nothing ever goes exactly according to plan on a day such as wedding day or a big corporate function; you just have to keep smiling, roll with the punches, back yourself in, and trust that everything works out as it should in the end (and it does!)

Anyway, that's more enough tooting my own horn... have a little wander around the page, and discover for yourself why I could be the perfect option for your wedding or event!

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